The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the other Side


Our latest event in eve involves the classic story of the snake oil salesman. Comes along promising all the riches you could ever ask for only to provide you with poison. This story starts out with a very untrustworthy individual (as they often do) named Mira deVorsha. A little research on this player will reveal that he once received a temporary ban for harassing a player outside of game.


Mira noticed our group as we often fly in the same low sec systems. Our group often kicking butt and even killing Mira on occasion when he flew into sights. He decided we were a threat and thought the best course of action was to try and poach as many of our people as possible. He approached all the corps and members individually promising untold riches, owning faction warfare sov (which doesn’t exist) and the best fights they have ever seen. Several corps believed his offer to be true and decided to leave. The core group of Shards however saw him for what he really was and refused the offer. This refusal infuriated Mira who quickly war deced the remainder of Shards and devoted his faction warfare alliance to station camping high sec space. This dec instantly turned old friends against each other. Shards wanted nothing to do with the war but they did expect it and already had a plan waiting. Once the dec went active Shards attacked the mining corp Chaotic Ambitions, undefended player station destroying all its modules. We then hit the trade hubs making transportation difficult for their alliance. Since Shards had smaller numbers we decided to attack their new recruits, many who left their alliance out of a desire to be able to play eve without our harassment. Finally we got some outside help to attack all of the custom offices now held by black armada alliance aka Mira’s group. Mira ended the war and we called off the hit on the custom offices. Even though they had way more people than us we still won the war and drove them crazy. Weeks later a few shards defectors notified us that Mira’s promises were nothing more than talk. Interestingly a quick look at their killboards showed them killing their own dreadnought. Looks like they spent too much time team killing to pay attention to the war they started.


In eve there will always be people over promising and under delivering. One thing you can count on is the Shards leadership being able to spot a phony when we see one.
-Jintoo Cranspar

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